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My reluctance to interact online isn't a shyness...

Updated: Mar 22

I'm just really cautious of how the internet has reshaped in these recent years.

When I first began hanging out online, it was a completely different scene, and much more trustworthy than it has become. People weren't hanging out, messing with one another in some of the hateful ways that are happening now. So, yeah, I'd rather not take part, and keep my fond memories intact. Hopefully someday this can change for those of us still online, who are still willing to interact and learn progressively.

These days? I mainly hang out and read news online, while making music or collaging.

I follow many topics, as I tend to be an extremely curious person. So, yes, I am continuously active on the web, but in a silent way. If you run across anyone claiming to be me in any way, shape or form? It's not.

I can be found here, or at the social media links I've provided above. Please be respectful if you contact me through email, or chat. I won't respond if I sense nefarious intentions. That's just the way it goes, until these internet shenanigans get sorted.



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